Susan Pineda-Mercado

All talk about global public health must begin with this uncomfortable truth: The world is wealthier than ever before, but it is by no means healthier.
There is a myriad problems in public health. What is needed is to link problems to solutions that already exist – to create health equity.
Strategic partnerships creates the bridge to link solutions to problems in order to address climate, environment and health, noncommunicable diseases and injuries, mental health, adolescent health, communicable diseases (HIV, dengue, TB, vaccine preventable diseases, among others.
Despite the challenges to health there are brilliant opportunities to overcome health inequity: Universal Health Care, provincial leadership in health, information technology, health regulations (including taxation of harmful products), strengthening epidemiology, health promotion and strategic communication.
A focus on strategic partnerships can result in increased health literacy. Governance dialogues between and among different sectors is key.
There is a two-fold task: 1) to empower people with information and skills to take their health and their lives into their own hands; and 2) to enable healthier environments, and promote healthy settings.
We can be a nation of 110 million solutions, instead of 110 million problems.  With a clear vision, strategic partnerships and a strong focus on health literacy – we just need to act together and to start today.